Los Altos Ye Olde Towne Band

John DeLoach, Conductor *

Flute & Piccolo:
Robin Lockner
Mike Megas
Roslyn Raney
Kathy Thibodeaux

Debbie Wade

E-flat Clarinet:
Roy Stehle

B-flat Clarinet:
Katie Coyle
Chris Farrell
Ann Guerra
Owen Hakes
David Huber
Sue Kearns
Martha Saldaña-Wolf
Lewis Singer
Roy Stehle # *
Adam Westall

Bass Clarinet:
Helene Baribault
Richard Dreblow
Ann Varady

Alto Saxophone:
Jeff Bell
Mark Fiebert #

Tenor Saxophone:
Stephanie Apple
Bill Burns
Marion James
Carolee A. Wheeler

Baritone Saxophone:
Bo Curry

Ralph Bach
Paul Clement
Steve Kitzerow
Alex Marcopulos
Andrew Marcopulos
Ted Tilton #*
Jim Wolf
Mike Youngquist

French Horn:
Jim DeLoach #
Fred Hines
Natalie Ives-Drouillard
Dennis Malloy
Peter Neumann

Mike Aronson
Art Lewis # *
Jerry Rosenblum
# *
Jake van Heeckeren

Dennis Wilson

Hunter Dulay
John Farmar
Merle Knouf
Jay Mitchell
Paul Osserman
Jerry Rosenblum
Cliff Smith
Paul Tucker

Art Lange
Ted Marcopolus # *
Elizabeth Neumann
Nora Singer *

Tom Culross
Scott Strayer #

#   Section Leader
*   Board Member

Band Manager:
Susan Lange *

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Last Updated:  21 September 2017
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