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These photos and text have been assembled with the help of the Los Altos History Association.

Band photo from 1971; Joe Stefen, leader.

The band in 1971 led by former circus performer and
trumpeter, Joe Stefen, before their move to Los Altos

The Band's predecessor was organized in Redwood City by retired circus trumpeter, Joe Stefen, in the 1960s. Its well-known gazebo-shaped float, constructed on the chassis of a 1947 Chevrolet pick-up truck, was completed for that city's 1968 Fourth of July parade, and continues in use to the present.

In 1972, the Band moved its home base to Los Altos as a result of a grant from the Chamber of Commerce. The next year, Eldon Wiegman became its conductor. Under his leadership, the membership has increased from 25 to 55 volunteer musicians who play at Ye Old Towne Band's free summer concerts in Shoup Park every year.

Band in Shoup Park in 1973

The band at Shoup Park in 1973 shortly after their move to Los Altos


Eldon Wiegman conducting the Band in 1998

Ye Olde Towne Band performs in Shoup Park on the last
Sunday of months May through September


The Band performs on the gazebo-shaped float in 1970

The Towne Band performs in the "Begonia Parade" in
Capitola in July 1970. This gazebo-shaped float, built in 1968,
is still in use today


Band on the float in the 1999 Los Alto Pet Parade

Ye Olde Towne Band at the 1999 Pet Parade

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