Quality Music List
by Douglas Stotter

In a posting to the community-music Intenet mailing list on 30 April 1997, Douglas Stotter, Director of the University of Missouri - Rolla bands and orchestra, posted the following list with the comment:

"Here's a list I compiled, with the assistance of my advisor and conducting teacher, Dr. Myron Welch, while in Graduate School at the University of Iowa as a class project.  I consider all of these "quality" music, that is, written with serious intent and not sacrificing musical language for technique:"
Composer		Title				Grade
--------		-----				-----
Bach, J.S.		Little Fugue in G minor		2
Bach, J.S.		Prelude and Fugue in Bb major	3
Bach, J.S.		Prelude and Fugue in D minor	3
Bach, J.S.		Prelude and Fugue in G minor	3
Barnes, James		Yorkshire Ballad		2+
Benson, Warren		Ginger Marmalade		3+
Brahms, Johanness	Blessed are They		3
Bruckner, Anton		Hymn of Praise			3
Carter, Charles		Overture for Winds		3
Duncombe		Early English Suite		2+
Edmondson, John		Pageantry Overture		2
Erickson, Frank		Air for Band			2
Erickson, Frank		Balladaire			2
Erickson, Frank		Dorian Festival			2
Goldman			Foundation March		3
Gossec			Military Symphony in F		3
Grainger, Percy		Australian Up-Country Tune	3
Grundman, Clair		American Folk Rhapsody No. 1	3
Grundman, Clair		Hebrides Suite			3
Grundman, Clair		Two Moods			2
Holst, Gustav		Moorside March			3
Jager, Robert		Japanese Prints			3+
Mozart, W.A.		Ave Verum Corpus		3
Nelhybel, Vaclav	Festivo				3+
Nelhybel, Vaclav	Suite from Bohemia		3
Ployhar, James		Korean Folk Medley		2
Ployhar, James		Tunbridge Overture		2+
Stuart, Hugh		Hymn for Band			2+
Stuart, Hugh		Three Ayres from Gloucester	3
Swearingen, James	Exaltation			3
Swearingen, James	Majestia			3
Tschesnokoff, Paul	Salvation is Created		2+
Vaughan-Williams, Ralph	Linden Lea			2
Vaughan-Williams, Ralph	Rhosemedre			3
Williams, Clifton	Variation Overture		3
Zdechlich, John		Psalm 46			3+

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