Student Favorites
Compilation by James M. Rohner
The Instrumentalist, October 1992

Compositions of "Serious artistic merit"

"What are some pieces of music that light a fire and generate enthusiasm in students every time you put them in a music folder?"

A Jubilant Overture                     Reed, Alfred
American Overture for Band              Jenkins, Joseph
Armenian Dances                         Reed, Alfred
Beatrice and Benedict                   Berlioz/Henning
Chorale and Shaker Dance                Zdechlik, John
Country Band March                      Ives, Charles
Decoration Day                          Ives, Charles/Elkus
Festive Overture                        Shostakovich/Hunsberger
Festivo                                 Gregson, Edward
Fugue in G Minor                        Bach, J.S.
Incantation and Dance                   Chance, John Barnes
Lincolnshire Posy                       Grainger, Percy
Liturgical Dances                       Holsinger, David
Lord of the Rings                       De Meij, Johan
Music for Prague 1968                   Husa, Karel
Octet                                   Stravinsky, Igor
Of Sailors and Whales                   McBeth, W. Francis
Pasodoble (Puenteareas)                 Reveriano Soutullo Otero
Pines of Rome                           Respighi/Duker
Profanation                             Bernstein/Bencriscutto
Rejouissance                            Curnow, James
Rocky Point Holiday                     Nelson, Ronald
Roman Carnival Overture                 Berlioz/Safranek
Roumanian Rhapsody                      Enesco/Duthoit
Salvation is Created                    Tschesnekoff/Houseknecht
School for Scandal                      Barber/Hudson
Suite No. 1 in E-Flat                   Holst, Gustav
Suite No. 2 in F                        Holst, Gustav
Symphonies for Wind Instruments         Stravinsky, Igor
Symphony No. 2                          Chance, John Barnes
The Hounds of Spring                    Reed, Alfred
Toccata                                 Frescobaldi/Slocum
Winds of Nagual                         Colgrass, Michael


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