"Survey of Band Repertoire" by Brian Hughes
The Instrumentalist, November 1990

Rankings by Iowa high school band directors by familiarity, performance, and study of a list compiled by Brian Hughes and Randall Aitchison

Suite in Eb				Holst, Gustav
Russian Christmas Music			Reed, Alfred
Incantation and Dance			Chance, John Barnes
Lincolnshire Posy			Grainger, Percy
Liberty Bell				Sousa, John Philip
Scenes from the Louvre			Dello Joio, Norman
Kaddish					McBeth, W. Francis
Pageant					Persichetti, Vincent
Suite of Old American Dances		Bennett, Robert Russell
Symphony				Hindemith, Paul
Chorale					Nelhybel, Vaclav
Symphonic Suite				Williams, Clifton
Fantasy on American Sailing Songs	Grundman, Clare
William Byrd Suite			Jacob, Gordon
Toccata Marziale			Vaughn Williams, Ralph
Suite Francaise				Milhaud, Darius
Trauersinfonie				Wagner, Richard
Symphony for Band			Gould, Morton
Canzona					Mennin, Peter
Military March in D			Beethoven, Ludwig van
Apotheosis of this Earth		Husa, Karel
Circus Band March			Ives, Charles
New England Tryptich			Schuman, William
Sinfonietta				Dahl, Ingolf
Symphonies for Wind Instruments		Stravinsky, Igor
Commando March				Barber, Samuel
Symphonie funebre et triomphale		Berlioz, Hector
Theme and Variations			Schonberg, Arnold
Legend					Creston, Paul
Medieval Suite				Nelson, Ron
Vanished Army				Alford, Kenneth
March, Op. 99				Prokofiev, Sergei
First Symphony				Erickson, Frank
Dies Natalis				Hanson, Howard
The Leaves are Falling			Benson, Warren
Emblems					Copland, Aaron
Symphony No. 4				Hovhanness, Alan
Designs, Images and Textures		Bassett, Leslie
A Little Night and Day Music		Adler, Samuel
Meditation				Schuller,Gunther
Tunbridge Fair				Piston, Walter
Sinfonia IV				Hartley, Walter
Sinfonia VI				Broege, 
From a Dark Millenium			Schwanter, 
A Solemn Music				Thompson, Virgil
Symphonie for Band			Jadin, Louis
Winds of Nagual				Colgrass, 
Shoonthree				Cowell, Henry
Transition				Badings, Henk
Tower					Hodkinson, 

Ten pieces that should be performed by high school bands

Suite in Eb				Holst, Gustav
English Folk Song Suite			Vaughn William, Ralph
Lincolnshire Posy			Grainger, Percy
Russian Christmas Music			Reed, Alfred
Stars and Stripes Forever		Sousa, John Philip
Chorale and Shaker Dance		Zdechlik, John
Irish Tune from County Derry		Grainger, Percy
Variations on a Korean Folk Song	Chance, John Barnes
Air for Band				Erickson, Frank

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