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Order No.       Title                           Conductor
--------- ----------------------------- -------------------
WFR101 * Golden Age Of The March Edward Peterson
WFR102 * In All Its Glory Edward Peterson
WFR103 Of A Distant Star Edward Peterson
WFR104 Images Edward Peterson
WFR105 A Perfect Fit
WFR111 Music From America's Golden Age George Foreman
WFR129 Classics! Edward Peterson
WFR130 Free Spirit: Album FT Young Edward Peterson
WFR137 Stars And Stripes And Sousa! Keith Brion
WFR138 Exaltation Edward Peterson
WFR139 * The Walking Frog Records SamplerVarious
WFR140 * Fifth Symphony (Sakura) Alfred Reed
WFR174 Golden Age of the March, Vol. 2 Edward Petersen
WFR175 The Quest Edward Petersen
WFR180 Jubilance Edward Petersen
WFR181 * Walking Frog Records Sampler #2 Various
WFR183 Kings Mountain Adventure Edward Petersen
WFR184 * Songs of Grace & Songs of Glory Edward Petersen
WFR186 A Vision of Majesty Edward Petersen
WFR189 * Walking Frog Records Sampler #3 Various
WFR193 * Walking Frog Records Sampler #4 Various
WFR210 The Washington Post & Other George Foreman
WFR217 The Original All-American Sousa Keith Brion
WFR218 * To The Fore/Percy Grainger Keith Brion
WFR234 * Accent II - Legacy of C T Smith Bloomquist, Smith, etal
WFR235 * New Classics for Wind Band Robert E. Foster
WFR236 Claude T. Smith: A Symph Port. Donald S. George
WFR245 * Frank Erickson Band Classics Dennis J. Zeisler
WFR246 Memories From The Big Top Merle Evans
WFR247 Wild West Music of Buffalo Bill
WFR248 Chicago Tribune & More Marches George Foreman
WFR250 * The Creative World of F. McBeth Francis McBeth
WFR270 * Fennell Favorites Frederick Fennell
WFR271 * Fiesta! Howard Dunn
WFR272 * Trittico Frederick Fennell
WFR273 Pomp & Pipes! Frederick Fennell
WFR265 * Holidays & Epiphanies Jerry Junkin
WFR266 Holst Howard Dunn
WFR267 Beachcomber Frederick Fennell
WFR268 * Arnold for Band Jerry Junkin
WFR284 Golden Age of Brass, Vol. 1 Henry Charles Smith
WFR285 Golden Age of Brass, Vol. 2 Henry Charles Smith
WFR286 Golden Age of Brass, Vol. 3 Henry Charles Smith
WFR287 Music of the Civil War
WFR288 Dallas Morning News & O Marches George Foreman
WFR322 Beyond The Horizon Edward Petersen
WFR323 Dreamscape - Album for the youngEdward Petersen
WFR325 * Golden Age of The March, Vol. 3 Edward Petersen
WFR326 Into the Raging River - Reineke Edward Petersen
WFR327 * Walking Frog Records Sampler #5 Various
WFR435 * Claude T. Smith: A Concert CeleDennis J. Zeisler
WFR650 * The Divine Comedy Anthony Maiello
WFR651 Inchon - The Music of R.W. SmithRobert McElroy
WFR652 Sousa - USAF Heritage of AmericaLowell Graham
WFR654 Symphonic Excursions Eugene Corporon
WFR655 Escapades Eugene Corporon

Barnum & Bailey's Favorite King, K.L. WFR101 *
Emblems of Unity Richards, J.J. WFR101 *
Allied Honor King, K.L. WFR101 *
Quality Plus Jewell, Fred WFR101 *
Alamo March King, K.L. WFR101 *
Harmony Heaven Barnhouse, C.L. WFR101 *
The Trombone King King, K.L. WFR101 *
The Walking Frog King, K.L. WFR101 *
E Pluribus Unum Jewell, Fred WFR101 *
Valley Forge March King, K.L. WFR101 *
Hosts of Freedon King, K.L. WFR101 *
The Messenger March Barnhouse, C.L. WFR101 *
Broadway One-Step King, K.L. WFR101 *
The Purple Pageant King, K.L. WFR101 *
United Nations March King, K.L. WFR101 *
Bonds of Unity King, K.L. WFR101 *
Coast Guards March King, K.L. WFR101 *

Dawn Of A New Day Swearingen, James WFR102 *
Let The Spirit Soar Swearingen, James WFR102 *
In All Its Glory Swearingen, James WFR102 *
Blue Ridge Saga Swearingen, James WFR102 *
Celebration & Dance Swearingen, James WFR102 *
Proud Spirit Swearingen, James WFR102 *
The Light Eternal Swearingen, James WFR102 *
Where The River Flows Swearingen, James WFR102 *
Fantasy On An American Classic Swearingen, James WFR102 *
Seagate Overture Swearingen, James WFR102 *

Explorations Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Declaration Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Ballade & Finale Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Fanfare and Toccata Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Prelude and Primal Danse Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Of A Distant Star Huckeby, Ed WFR103
On Wings Of Eagles Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Concertante for Winds Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Pine River Triolgy Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Overtura Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Blue Lake Reflections Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Jubiloso Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Intrada and Festival Huckeby, Ed WFR103
Acclamations Huckeby, Ed WFR103

Danse Celestiale Sheldon, Robert WFR104
West Highlands Sojourn Sheldon, Robert WFR104
A Symphonic Narrative Sheldon, Robert WFR104
Visions of Flight Sheldon, Robert WFR104
Images Sheldon, Robert WFR104
Fanfare & Intermezzo Sheldon, Robert WFR104
Lindbergh Variations Sheldon, Robert WFR104
Ocean Ridge Rhapsody Sheldon, Robert WFR104
The Corsair's Landing Sheldon, Robert WFR104
Lost Colony Sheldon, Robert WFR104

Barnum & Bailey's Favorite King, Karl L. WFR139 *
Explorations Huckeby, Ed WFR139 *
Let The Spirit Soar Swearingen, James WFR139 *
Funiculi, Funicula Denza/Arr. A. Reed WFR139 *
Teddy Trombone Fillmore, Henry WFR139 *
West Highlands Sojourn Sheldon, Robert WFR139 *
Fugue on Yankee Doodle Sousa, John Philip WFR139 *
Danny Boy Arr. Warren Barker WFR139 *
Fidgety Feet Dixie Power Trio WFR139 *
Legacy Swearingen, James WFR139 *
Buffalo Bill's Farewell March & 2 Step WFR139 *
Angela's Song Huckeby, Ed WFR139 *
Khoomar (Wedding Dance-Armenian Dances) Reed, Alfred WFR139 *
Knight's Court Spera, Dominic WFR139 *
Flight of the Pegasus Shaffer, David WFR139 *
Hungarian Dance #5 Brahms/Arr. Longfield WFR139 *
Danse Celestiale Sheldon, Robert WFR139 *

The Music-Makers Reed, Alfred WFR140 *
Fifth Symphony (Sakura) Reed, Alfred WFR140 *
A Springtime Celebration Reed, Alfred WFR140 *
Armenian Dances - Part 1 Reed, Alfred WFR140 *
Armenian Dances - Part 2 Reed, Alfred WFR140 *
Hov Arek (The Peasant's Plea) Reed, Alfred WFR140 *
Khoomar (Wedding Dance) Reed, Alfred WFR140 *
Lorva Horovel (Songs from Lori) Reed, Alfred WFR140 *
Pro Texana (Concert March) Reed, Alfred WFR140 *

And The Mountains Echoed: Gloria! Longfield, Robert WFR181 *
Under The Double Eagle Wagner, R./Glover WFR181 *
Uptown Stomp Neeck, Larry WFR181 *
Pageant Of Life Shaffer, David WFR181 *
Escapada Moore, David WFR181 *
Ceremonium Spears, Jared WFR181 *
St. Louie Blues Handy, W.C./Clark WFR181 *
Marriage Of Figaro Mozart, W./Fabrizio WFR181 *
Big Chief Gaines & Quezerque WFR181 *
Hands Across The Sea Sousa, J.P./Brion WFR181 *
El Relicario Padilla/Clark WFR181 *
One For Woody Spera, Dominic WFR181 *
Strutting Butterflies Cohn, James WFR181 *
An Arkansas Huskin' Bee Pryor, Arthur WFR181 *
The Good, The Band, and The Banjo Smith, Z. WFR181 *
Slavonic Dance #8 Dvorak, A./Longfield WFR181 *
The Trombone King King, K.L./Paynter WFR181 *

And The Mountains Echoed: Gloria! Longfield, Robert WFR184 *
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring Bach, J.S./Reed WFR184 *
From Whom All Blessings Flow Huckeby, Ed WFR184 *
Let The Spirit Soar Swearingen, James WFR184 *
The Light Eternal Swearingen, James WFR184 *
Assurance Beck, J.N./Clark WFR184 *
Songs Of Grace And Songs Of Glory Sousa, J.P./Brion WFR184 *
All Glory Told Swearingen, James WFR184 *
Panis Angelicus Franck, Cesar/Reed WFR184 *
How Firm Thy Friendship Swearingen, James WFR184 *
Our Father Who Art In Heaven Bach, J.S./Reed WFR184 *
Hallelujah Chorus from "The Messiah" Handel, G.F./Longfield WFR184 *

Century Point Sheldon, Robert WFR186
An American Portrait Swearingen, James WFR186
Arioso Bach, J.S./Reed WFR186
Chorale and Jubiloso Barnes, James WFR186
Deep River /setting by Swearingen WFR186
Espani Cani Marquina/Longfield WFR186
The Golden Year Reed, Alfred WFR186
Hopetown Holiday Reineke, Steven WFR186
The Last To Defend Shaffer, David WFR186
March: Celebration and Glory Swearingen, James WFR186
Overture To A New Millennium Huckeby, Ed WFR186
Skyscapes Moore, David WFR186
Tritsch-Tratsch Polka Strauss, R./Reed WFR186
A Vision Of Majesty Swearingen, James WFR186

Skyscapes Moore, David WFR189 *
The Chimes Of Liberty Goldman, E.F./Schissel WFR189 *
River of Life Reineke, Steven WFR189 *
Wah-Wah! Rowe, Howard WFR189 *
Solo Flight Neeck, Larry WFR189 *
Marcha-Cumbia Tillapaugh, Stephen WFR189 *
From Whom All Blessings Flow Huckeby, Ed WFR189 *
The Doubtful Wife ("A Gaelic Offering") McMichael, Catherine WFR189 *
Acropolis March Hughes, Harry WFR189 *
Hailstorm Rimmer, William/SheridanWFR189 *
Novena Swearingen, James WFR189 *
Go Tell It On The Mountain /Clark WFR189 *
Free Lance March Sousa, J.P./Brion WFR189 *
St. Louis Blues Handy, W.C. WFR189 *
Battle of Inkerman Quickstep Marie, E.C. WFR189 *
Petite Caprice In The Style of OffenbachRossini, G./Davis WFR189 *
Radetzky March Strauss, J./Reed WFR189 *

Introduction to Act III of "Lohengrin" Wagner, Richard WFR193 *
Beyond the Higher Skies Sheldon, Robert WFR193 *
Semper Fidelis Sousa, John Philip WFR193 *
A Child's Lullaby Brahms, J./Swearingen WFR193 *
National Emblem March Bagley, E.E. WFR193 *
Accolada Huckeby, Ed WFR193 *
Carnival of Venice Clarke, Herbert L. WFR193 *
Jubilance Swearingen, James WFR193 *
Sons of Liberty Neeck, Larry WFR193 *
The Billboard March WFR193 *
Deep River /Swearingen WFR193 *
The Kaffir on the Karoo Sousa, John Philip WFR193 *
Tiger Rag WFR193 *
Jesu - Joy of Man's Desiring Bach, J.S./Reed WFR193 *
They're Off! Galop WFR193 *
Overture to a New Millenium Huckeby, Ed WFR193 *
Light Cavalry Overture Suppe, Franz Von WFR193 *

Molly on the Shore Grainger, Percy WFR218 *
Country Gardens Grainger, Percy (arr.) WFR218 *
The Immovable Do Grainger, Percy WFR218 *
Colonial Song Grainger, Percy WFR218 *
"The Gum-Suckers" March Grainger, Percy WFR218 *
Tuscan Serenade Faure/Grainger, Percy WFR218 *
Chorale No. 2 Franck, Cesar/Grainger WFR218 *
March Bach, J. S./Grainger WFR218 *
O Mensch, Bewein' Dein' Sunde Gross Bach, J. S./Grainger WFR218 *
Country Gardens Grainger, Percy/Sousa WFR218 *
Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon Grainger, Percy WFR218 *
Children's March Grainger, Percy WFR218 *

Festival Variations Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *
Boys of the Old Brigade Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *
Dramatic Prelude Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *
Emperata Overture Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *
Variations on a Revolutionary Hymn Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *
Citation (Concert March) Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *
Incidental Suite Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *
Danse Folatre Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *
Chorale and Allegro Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *
Rejoice in Glorious Hope Smith, Claude T. WFR234 *

Celebration Zdechlik, John WFR235 *
Sinfonia No. 9 Hartley, Walter S. WFR235 *
Chautauqua Overture Hartley, Walter S. WFR235 *
Legend, op. 81 Barnes, James WFR235 *
A Centennial Overture Nixon, Roger WFR235 *
Skating on the Sheyenne Finney, Ross Lee WFR235 *

The Water is Wide Smith, Claude T. WFR236
America The Beautiful Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Bulgarian Folk Dance Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Zia, Zia! Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Chorale Prelude On a German Hymn Tune Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Bainbridge Fair Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Flourish and Hymn of Praise Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Introduction and Caccia Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Dansa Sonora Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Rejoice Ye Pure in Heart Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Symphonic March On An English Hymn Tune Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Dance Prelude Smith, Claude T. WFR236
Serenade and Dance Smith, Claude T. WFR236

Overture Jubiloso Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Air for Band Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Blue Ridge Overture Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Sonatina for Band Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Toccata for Band Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Balladair Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Rhythm of the Winds Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Dorian Festival Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Chorale for Band Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Fantasy for Band Erickson, Frank WFR245 *
Tamerlane Erickson, Frank WFR245 *

Missa Brevis McBeth, Francis WFR250 *
Come Wandering Shepherds McBeth, Francis WFR250 *
Eulogies by the Bard of Great Falls McBeth, Francis WFR250 *
Tenebrae McBeth, Francis WFR250 *
The Gathering of the Waters McBeth, Francis WFR250 *
Through Countless Halls of Air McBeth, Francis WFR250 *
Wine from these Grapes McBeth, Francis WFR250 *
Of Sailors and Whales McBeth, Francis WFR250 *

Rocky Point Holiday Nelson, Ron WFR265 *
Sonoran Desert Holiday Nelson, Ron WFR265 *
Passacaglia Nelson, Ron WFR265 *
Courtly Airs and Dances Nelson, Ron WFR265 *
Lauds (Praise High Day) Nelson, Ron WFR265 *
Aspen Jubilee Nelson, Ron WFR265 *
Chaconne (In Memoriam...) Nelson, Ron WFR265 *
Epiphanies (Fanfares and Chorales) Nelson, Ron WFR265 *

Suite #1 in E-flat Holst, Gustav WFR266
Suite #2 in F Holst, Gustav WFR266
Hammersmith Holst, Gustav WFR266
Moorside Suite Holst, Gustav WFR266

Belle of the Ball Anderson, Leroy WFR267
Russian Sailor's Dance Gliere, Reinhold WFR267
Beguine for Band Osser, Glenn WFR267
Tico Tico Abreu, WFR267
Lassus Trombone Fillmore, Henry WFR267
Slava! Bernstein, Leonard WFR267
A Chorus Line Hamlish, Marvin WFR267
Beachcomber Richardson, WFR267
76 Trombones Willson, Meredith WFR267
Malambo Ginastera, Alberto WFR267
Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon Grainger, Percy WFR267
The Age of Gold - Polka Shostakovich, Dmitri WFR267
Tamboo Cavez, WFR267
Pavanne Gould, Morton WFR267
Blues for a Killed Cat End, WFR267
Yagi Bushi Iwai WFR267
Lullaby Kaneda, Bin WFR267
America the Beautiful Ward, Samuel WFR267

Water Music Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *
Little Suite No. 1 Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *
Little Suite No. 2 Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *
Fanfare for Louis Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *
English Dances (Book 1) Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *
Four Scottish Dances Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *
Tam O'Shanter Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *
The Padstow Lifeboat Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *
Overseas, op. 70 Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *
H.R.H. The Duke of Cambridge Arnold, Malcolm WFR268 *

Woodland Sketches MacDowell, Edward WFR270 *
Passacaglia and Fugue in c minor Bach, Johann Sebastian WFR270 *
Two Choral Preludes Brahms, Johannes WFR270 *
Rustic Wedding Symphony Goldmark, Karl WFR270 *
Entry March of the Boyars Halvorsen, Johan WFR270 *
The Love for Three Oranges Prokofiev, Sergei WFR270 *

La Fiesta Mexicana Reed, H. Owen WFR271 *
Santa Fe' Saga Gould, Morton WFR271 *
Fiesta del Pacifico Nixon, Roger WFR271 *
Symphonic Dance No. 3, "Fiesta" Williams, Clifton WFR271 *
Fandango Perkins, Frank WFR271 *

Trittico Nelhybel, Vaclav WFR272 *
Feast Day in Seville Albeniz, Isaac WFR272 *
Variants on a Mediaeval Tune Dello Joio, Norman WFR272 *
Funeral March for Rikard Nordraak Grieg, Edvard WFR272 *
Symphony No. 3 Giannini, Vittorio WFR272 *

Brule River Celebration Sheldon, Robert WFR322
Lexicon Huckeby, Ed WFR322
Beyond The Horizon Tracy Behrman WFR322
God Shed His Grace On Thee Glover, Andrew WFR322
In Times Of Triumph Swearingen, James WFR322
Concert Rondo Mozart, W./Andy Clark WFR322
Upon These Wings Shaffer, David WFR322
Chisholm Trail Eveland, Dennis O. WFR322
Come Sweet Death Bach, J.S./Reed WFR322
Legend Of The Sword Shaffer, David WFR322
Caccia and Chorale Williams, Clifton WFR322
Armida Overture Haydn, J./Bowles WFR322
Heroic Sketches Huckeby, Ed WFR322

Abington Ridge Huckeby, Ed WFR323
American Journey Eveland, Dennis O. WFR323
Baritone Boogie Clark, Andy WFR323
Barrier Reef Sheldon, Robert WFR323
Bill Bailey Just Won't Come Home! Neeck, Larry WFR323
Calypso Carnival Eveland, Dennis O. WFR323
Ceremony Chant and Ritual Shaffer, David WFR323
Crest of Nobility Sheldon, Robert WFR323
Dreamscape Huckeby, Ed WFR323
The Gandy Dancer Orcino, Len WFR323
Kid's Klassix Huckeby, Ed WFR323
Los Banditos Hilliard, Quincy WFR323
A Magnificent Christmas Neeck, Larry WFR323
Parade Of The Bumbling Wooden Soldiers Shaffer, David WFR323
Spirit Of The Sphinx Huckeby, Ed WFR323
A Salute To Freedom Clark, Andy WFR323
Smokey Mountain Rhapsody Huckeby, Ed WFR323
Snow Day Orcino, Len WFR323
Under An Irish Sky Neeck, Larry WFR323
When The Rhinos Do The Rhumba In The RaiOrcino, Len WFR323
Chant and Tribal Dance Shaffer, David WFR323
Patriots On Parade Harris, Ken WFR323
Dance of the Jester Molter, Tom WFR323

Olympia Hippodrome Alexander, R./Glover WFR325 *
Emblem of Freedom King, K.L./Glover WFR325 *
March: Grandioso Seltz, R.F./Glover WFR325 *
Big Four King, K.L./Swearingen WFR325 *
Rolling Thunder Fillmore, H./Glover WFR325 *
Valdres Hanssen, J./Schissel WFR325 *
The Home Town Boy King, Karl L. WFR325 *
Fairest of the Fair Sousa, J.P./Brion WFR325 *
Call To Victory King, K.L./Swearingen WFR325 *
The Battle of Shiloh Barnhouse, C.L./Paynter WFR325 *
Colonel Bogey Alford, K./Glover WFR325 *
Lassus Trombone Fillmore, H./Schissel WFR325 *
King Cotton Sousa, J.P./Brion WFR325 *
Men of Ohio Fillmore, H./Schissel WFR325 *
The Melody Shop King, K.L./Glover WFR325 *
Gallant Marines King, K.L./Swearinger WFR325 *
National Emblem Bagley, E.E./Schissel WFR325 *

River of Life Reineke, Steven WFR326
Swans Island Sojourn Reineke, Steven WFR326
In The Temple of Zion Reineke, Steven WFR326
Hopetown Holiday Reineke, Steven WFR326
Sedona Reineke, Steven WFR326
Rise of The Firebird Reineke, Steven WFR326
Fate of the Gods Reineke, Steven WFR326
Into The Raging River Reineke, Steven WFR326
Main Street Celebration Reineke, Steven WFR326
Portrait of Freedom Reineke, Steven WFR326
Pilatus: Mountain of Dragons Reineke, Steven WFR326

Rolling Thunder Fillmore, Henry WFR327 *
Rise Of The Firebird Reineke, Steven WFR327 *
Ride Of The Valkries Wagner, R./Longfield WFR327 *
Turkey In The Straw Sousa, John Philip WFR327 *
New World Variations Shaffer, David WFR327 *
New York 1927 Barker, Warren WFR327 *
Celebration For Winds and Percussion Swearingen, James WFR327 *
Entry Of The Gladiators Fucik, Julius WFR327 *
By The Rivers Of Babylon Huckeby, Ed WFR327 *
Armida Overture Haydn/Bowles WFR327 *
Clarinet Candy Anderson, Leroy WFR327 *
Sedona Reineke, Steven WFR327 *
On A Spring Morning Shaffer, David WFR327 *
Concert Etude Goedicke, Alexander WFR327 *
An English Celebration Swearingen, James WFR327 *
Hill Country Holiday Sheldon, Robert WFR327 *
Emblem of Unity Richards, J.J. WFR327 *

Allegro and Intermezzo Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Golden Regiment March Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Star Song Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Stone Mountain Overture Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
American Folk Song Trilogy Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Black Watch March Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
March On An Irish Air Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Santiago Carnival Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Affirmation & Credo Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Allegheny Portrait Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Concert Celebration Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Intrada: Adoration and Praise Smith, Claude T. WFR435 *
Symphonic Variations On "In Dulci JubiloSmith, Claude T. WFR435 *

Inferno Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Purgatorio Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Ascension Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Paradiso Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Gathering of the Teomen Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
In The Bleak Midwinter Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Twelve Seconds To The Moon Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Pavane Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Tempest Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Symphonic Festival Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Africa: Ceremony Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *
Song and Ritual Smith, Robert W. WFR650 *

Semper Liberi Smith, Robert W. WFR651
Inchon Smith, Robert W. WFR651
Great Locomotive Chase Smith, Robert W. WFR651
Songs of Sailor and Sea Smith, Robert W. WFR651
Into The Storm Smith, Robert W. WFR651
Twilight Is Falling Smith, Robert W. WFR651
To The Summit! Smith, Robert W. WFR651
Dance Celebration Smith, Robert W. WFR651
When Summer Takes Flight Smith, Robert W. WFR651
Serengeti Dreams Smith, Robert W. WFR651
Furioso Smith, Robert W. WFR651
Where The Black Hawk Soars Smith, Robert W. WFR651

Easter Monday On The White House Lawn Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Tally Ho Overture Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Last Days Of Pompeii Sousa, John Philip WFR652
High School Cadets Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Manhatten Beach Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Solid Men To The Front Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Jack Tar Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Beau Ideal Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Mother Hubbard Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Wolverine Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Gallant Seventh Sousa, John Philip WFR652
The Directorate Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Gladiator March Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Sabre and Spurs Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Flags of Freedom Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Rifle Regiment Sousa, John Philip WFR652
Hands Across The Sea Sousa, John Philip WFR652
El Capitan March Sousa, John Philip WFR652
El Capitan Waltzes Sousa, John Philip WFR652
La Reine De La Mer Waltzes Sousa, John Philip WFR652

Masque Heskeeth WFR654
Symphonic Excursions Patterson WFR654
SongsWithout Words Welcher WFR654
Sunset Jericho Alkema WFR654
Irish Tune from County Derry Grainger, Percy WFR654
Lads of Wamphray March Grainger, Percy WFR654

Escapade Stamp, Jack WFR655
Concerto for Bassoon Hidas WFR655
Harrison's Dream Graham WFR655
Ballet Music from "Le Cid" Massenet WFR655
Molly On The Shore Grainger, Percy WFR655
Gumsuckers March Grainger, Percy WFR655

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