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SMCD-1664  *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 2  Various
SMCD-1665  *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 3  Various
SMCD-1941  *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 4  Various
SMCD-2300  *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 5  Various
SMCD-2301  *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 6  Various
2622-MCD   *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 7  Various
2623-MCD   *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 8  Various
2906-MCD   *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 9  Various
2907-MCD   *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 10 Various
3186-MCD   *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 11 Various
3187-MCD   *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 12 Various
CD13            Music for Concert Band, Vol. 13 Various
CD14            Music for Concert Band, Vol. 14 Various
CD15       *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 15 Various
CD16       *    Music for Concert Band, Vol. 16 Various

Sunflower Saga Barnes, James SMCD-1664 * Heroic Legend Schermer, Richard SMCD-1664 * Irish Tune from County Derry Grainger, Percy/Rogers SMCD-1664 * Shepherd's Hey Grainger, Percy/Rogers SMCD-1664 * Pentland Hills Howe, Maj. James SMCD-1664 * Paragon Hilliard, Quincy SMCD-1664 * Peaks of Otter Hosay, James SMCD-1664 * Wine From These Grapes McBeth, W. Francis SMCD-1664 * Centennial Vista Tull, Fisher SMCD-1664 * Prairie Wind Sanders, Greg SMCD-1664 * The Old Guard Barnes, James SMCD-1664 * La Cambiale Di Martimonio Rossini/Hudson SMCD-1664 * A Passing Fancy Tull, Fisher SMCD-1664 * Fanfares and Alleluias Barnes, James SMCD-1664 * Through Counteless Halls of Air McBeth, W. Francis SMCD-1665 * Variants on a Moravian Hymn Barnes, James SMCD-1665 * Lonely Beach Barnes, James SMCD-1665 * Saga of the Clouds Tull, Fisher SMCD-1665 * Legend Barnes, James SMCD-1665 * This Land of El Dorado McBeth, W. Francis SMCD-1665 * Symphonic Overture Barnes, James SMCD-1665 * Coventry Variant Sanders, Greg SMCD-1941 * Glasgow Fair Howe, Maj. James SMCD-1941 * Two Chorales Tchesnokov/Gilbert SMCD-1941 * Roar of the Armor Booker, Charles Jr. SMCD-1941 * Celtic Hymns and Dances Ewazen, Eric SMCD-1941 * Resting in the Peace of His Hands Gibson, John SMCD-1941 * Joyce's 71st New York Regiment Boyer, T.B./Barnes SMCD-1941 * Children's March Grainger, Percy/Rogers SMCD-1941 * Impressions of Japan Barnes, James SMCD-1941 * Of Sailors and Whales McBeth, W. Francis SMCD-1941 * The Dream Catcher McBeth, W. Francis SMCD-2300 * Little Suite for Band Gallagher, Charles SMCD-2300 * T.G.I.F. March Gallagher, Charles SMCD-2300 * Robert Burns Suite Mahaffey, Jim SMCD-2300 * Thundering Steel Booker, Charles Jr. SMCD-2300 * Little Suite for Band No. 2 Gallagher, Charles SMCD-2300 * Bravura Duble, C.E./Thurston SMCD-2300 * Sonora Gibson, John SMCD-2300 * Zacatecas Codina, Genaro/Thurston SMCD-2300 * Stirling Castle Howe, Maj. James SMCD-2300 * A Very American Overture Barnes, James SMCD-2300 * Caribbean Hideaway Barnes, James SMCD-2301 * Three Quotations Sousa, J.P./Rogers SMCD-2301 * Guns Up Booker, Charles Jr. SMCD-2301 * The Sea Treaders McBeth, W. Francis SMCD-2301 * The Silver Gazebo Barnes, James SMCD-2301 * "The Gumsucker's" March Grainger, Percy/Rogers SMCD-2301 * Golden Festival Overture Barnes, James SMCD-2301 * Apocalyptic Dreams Gillingham, David SMCD-2301 * Inventions on Marching Songs Barnes, James SMCD-2301 * Suite Divertimento Gilbert, Jay 2622-MCD * The Pershing Rifles Barnes, James 2622-MCD * Drayton Hall Esprit McBeth, W. Francis 2622-MCD * Reflections on a Theme by Mozart Mahaffey, Jim 2622-MCD * 24th Lancers Afoot Manchester, William F. 2622-MCD * Wildwood Overture Barnes, James 2622-MCD * Themes from "La Belle Helene" Offenbach/Mahaffey, J. 2622-MCD * My Old Kentucky Home Foster, S./Barnes 2622-MCD * Crossed Sabers Booker Jr., Charles L. 2622-MCD * Dream Journey Barnes, James 2622-MCD * Invercargill Lithgow, Alex/Thurston 2622-MCD * Yorkshire Ballad Barnes, James 2622-MCD * Heatherwood Portrait Barnes, James 2622-MCD * A Light in the Wilderness Barnes, James 2622-MCD * First Suite Gorte, Thom R./Rogers 2623-MCD * Lauds and Tropes McBeth, W. Francis 2623-MCD * Colonial Song Grainger, P./Rogers 2623-MCD * Molly on the Shore Grainger, P./Rogers 2623-MCD * Third Symphony Barnes, James 2623-MCD * 2001 - A Space Odyssey Strauss, Richard 2906-MCD * E.T. Williams, John 2906-MCD * Lawrence of Arabia Jarre, Maurice 2906-MCD * My Heart will go on (Titanic) Homer, James 2906-MCD * La Strada Rota, Nino 2906-MCD * Gone with the Wind Steiner, Max 2906-MCD * Theme from Shindler's List Williams, John 2906-MCD * Once Upon a Time in the West Morricone, Ennio 2906-MCD * The Bells of Notre Dame Menken, Alan 2906-MCD * The Pink Panther Mancini, Henry 2906-MCD * Love Story Lai, Francis 2906-MCD * Love is a Many Spendoured Thing Fain - Webster 2906-MCD * Penny Lane Lennon - McCartney 2906-MCD * Earth Song Jackson, Michael 2906-MCD * Time to Say Goodbye Boccelli, Andrea 2906-MCD * Sweet Sweet Smile Newton - Young 2906-MCD * Tempered Steel Young, Charles Rochester2907-MCD * When Honor WHISPERS AND SHOUTS McBeth, W. Francis 2907-MCD * Rhapsodic Essay Barnes, James 2907-MCD * Tales of a Traveler Sousa, John Philip 2907-MCD * Whatsoever Things Camphouse, Mark 2907-MCD * Espana Chabrier/Cailliet 2907-MCD * Inspiration Point Barnes, James 2907-MCD * Nulli Secundus Barnes, James 2907-MCD * They Hung Their Harps in the Willows McBeth, W. Francis 2907-MCD * Estampie McBeth, W. Francis 3186-MCD * Bach Chorale and March McBeth, W. Francis 3186-MCD * Theme & Variations for the Chanukah FestBobrowitz, David 3186-MCD * Two Solemn Pieces Thurston, Richard 3186-MCD * Canto McBeth, W. Francis 3186-MCD * Angel Band Hartley, William 3186-MCD * La Sorella Borel-Clerc/Thurston 3186-MCD * Eagle Bend Barnes, James 3186-MCD * A Tribute to Grainger Grainger/Ragsdale 3186-MCD * Procession to the End of Time Nelhybel, Vaclav 3186-MCD * Sol y Sombra Gates, George 3186-MCD * Pro Texana Reed, Alfred 3186-MCD * West Mountain Fantasy Randall, 3186-MCD * English Waltz Grainger/McKinney/Rogers3187-MCD * Duo Concertante Barnes, James 3187-MCD * March to the Scaffold Berlioz/Rogers 3187-MCD * The Moldau Smetana/Rogers 3187-MCD * Second Symphony Barnes, James 3187-MCD * Fanfare and Capriccio Barnes, James 3187-MCD * Drayton Hall Espirt McBeth, W. Francis CD13 Mosaics Kramer CD13 A Child's Embrace Young CD13 Panther Fire Smith CD13 Prism Shafer CD13 Springtime Heralds Young CD13 Westridge Overture Barnes, James CD13 Sundance Hillard CD13 American Patriots Erickson, Frank CD13 Misty Rain Softly Falling Erickson, Frank CD13 Lyric Suite Erickson, Frank CD13 Somerset March Geisler CD13 Chorale and Canon Annon/Schermer CD13 Easter Monday on the White House Lawn Sousa, John P./Rogers CD14 The Lions of North Bridge McBeth, W. Francis CD14 Yankee Doodlin' Parker CD14 Concertino for Clarinet Barker CD14 Mystic Chords of Memory Jager CD14 The Old Sore-Head Fucik/Rogers CD14 Salvation is Created Tchesnokov/Erickson CD14 Clowns Parker CD14 The Freedom Chronicles Spears CD14 Concert Fantasia on "Rigoletto" Verdi/Bassi/Rogers CD14 Fifth Avenue Rhapsody Eichenbaum CD14 Festival Fanfare from Two Fanfares Gilbert, Jay CD15 * Sleep Gently, My Child Brahms, J./Mahaffey CD15 * Foxfire Barnes, James CD15 * Accord Allen, Fred CD15 * March of Freedom Geisler, Bob CD15 * Aria on a Chaconne Martinson, Joel CD15 * Fugue a3 from Two Jolly Fugues Handel/Thurston CD15 * A Remembrance Del Borgo, Elliot CD15 * The Little Ripper March Stanhope, David CD15 * River Valley Suite Booker, Charles CD15 * Pastorale Nocturne Yurko, Bruce CD15 * The Last Days of Summer Wramage, Gregg CD15 * Chant and Jubilo McBeth, W. Francis CD15 * Anniversary Fanfare from Two Fanfares Gilbert, Jay CD16 * Toccata Fantastica Barnes, James CD16 * Olympic Fireworks Stanhope, David CD16 * Overture to "La Forza del Destino" Verdi/Rogers CD16 * Procession of Princes and Priests Mussorgsky/Patterson CD16 * Jig Fugue from Two Jolly Fugues Buxtehude/Thurston CD16 * The Merry King Grainger/Rogers CD16 * Overture to "Rienzi" Wagner/Patterson CD16 * Passamezzo Antico Richards, Paul CD16 * Ballet Music from "Don Carlo" Verdi/Patterson CD16 * March "Salutation" Seitz, Roland/Thurston CD16 * =========================================================================== These CDs may be obtained, subject to availability, from: Southern Music Company P.O. Box 329 San Antonio, TX 78292 +1-210-226-8167 +1-800-284-5443

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