Compact Discs of the
Klavier Music Project

Cincinnati Wind Symphony
College-Conservatory of Music
Eugene Corporon, Conductor

Order No.       Title                           Conductor
--------- ----------------------------- ----------------
MCD-559 * Made in America (see KCD-11051) Corporon, Eugene
MCD-780 * Hearts Music (see KCD-11064) Corporon, Eugene
MCD-877 In Concert Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11030 * Emblems Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11042 Memorials Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11047 * Soundings/A Rhapsody in Blue Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11048 * American Dreams Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11051 * Made in America Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11058 * Postcards Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11059 * Paradigm Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11060 * American Variations Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11064 * Hearts Music Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11066 Songs and Dances Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11070 Tributes Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11071 Bird Songs Corporon, Eugene
KCD-110?? Epochs Corporon & Fisher
KCD-110?? Luminaries Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11084 * Wind Dances Corporon, Eugene
KCD-11089 * Dream Catcher Corporon, Eugene
CTD-88103 Night Fantasy
CTD-88105 Past The Equinox Stamp, Jack
CTD-88108 * Divertimento Stamp, Jack
CTD-88111 * Celebrations Stamp, Jack
CTD-88132 * Pageant Stamp, Jack

K-11118 * Alfred Reed Live! Vol. 3 Reed, Alfred
K-11141 * Ride Stamp, Jack

Gavorkna Fanfare Stamp, MCD-877
Statue Tcherepnin, Alexander MCD-877
Mosaic Tippett, MCD-877
Irish Tune from County Derry Grainger, Percy MCD-877
The "Gum Suckers" March Grainger, Percy MCD-877
Concerto for Wind Ensemble Weinstein, MCD-877
Greek Dances Skalkottas, MCD-877

Tunbridge Fair Piston, Walter KCD-11030 *
Sinfonietta Dahl, Ingolf KCD-11030 *
Emblems Copland, Aaron KCD-11030 *
A Child's Garden of Dreams Maslanka, David KCD-11030 *
Slava Bernstein, Leonard KCD-11030 *

Commemoration Symphony Reicha, Anton KCD-11042
Circuits McTee, Cindy KCD-11042
Old Home Days Ives, Charles KCD-11042
Heroes, Lost and Fallen Gillingham, David KCD-11042
Westpoint Symphony Gould, Morton KCD-11042

Celebration Gregson, Edward KCD-11047 *
Symphony No. 6, Op. 69 Persichetti, Vincent KCD-11047 *
Theme and Variations, Op. 43a Schoenberg, Arnold KCD-11047 *
American Games Maw, Nicholas KCD-11047 *
A Rhapsody in Blue (Grofe' version) Gershwin, George KCD-11047 *

Overture to "Candide" Leonard Bernstein KCD-11048 *
George Washington Bridge Schuman, Walter KCD-11048 *
An Outdoor Overture Copland, Aaron KCD-11048 *
El Salon Mexico Copland, Aaron KCD-11048 *
Chester Schuman, Walter KCD-11048 *
La Fiesta Mexicana Reed, H. Owen KCD-11048 *

Paean (dedicated to Aaron Copland Druckman, Jacob KCD-11051/MCD-559 *
In Memoriam Vincent Persichetti Druckman, Jacob KCD-11051/MCD-559 *
Piece of Mind Wilson, Dana KCD-11051/MCD-559 *
The Good Soldier Schweik Suite Kurka, Robert KCD-11051/MCD-559 *
Tantivy Diamond, David KCD-11051/MCD-559 *

Short Ride in a Fast Machine Adams, John KCD-11058 *
Passacaglia Nelson, Ron KCD-11058 *
Suite Francaise Milhaud, Darius KCD-11058 *
Postcard Ticheli, Frank KCD-11058 *
Terpsichore Margolis, Bob KCD-11058 *

Circus Polka Stravinsky, Igor KCD-11059
Ceremonial Rands, Bernard KCD-11059
Jug Blues & Fat Pickin' Freund, Don KCD-11059
Symphony in B-flat Hindemith, Paul KCD-11059
Three City Blocks Harbison, John KCD-11059
The Sword and the Crown Gregson, Edward KCD-11059

Variations on "America" Ives, Charles KCD-11060 *
Yankee Doodle Fantasy Humoresque Reeves, KCD-11060 *
Suite of Old American Dances Bennett, Robert Russell KCD-11060 *
American Salute Gould, Morton KCD-11060 *
Amazing Grace Ticheli, Frank KCD-11060 *
Carnival of Venice Clarke, Herbert L. KCD-11060 *
Fantaisie Original Picchi, Ermano KCD-11060 *
Serenade from "The Student Prince" Romberg, Sigmund KCD-11060 *
Scherzo Goldman, Edwin Franko KCD-11060 *
Napoli Variations Bellstedt, Herman KCD-11060 *
The Volunteer Rogers, Walter KCD-11060 *
March of the Majorettes Simon, Frank KCD-11060 *

Hearts Music Diamond, David KCD-11064/MCD-877 *
Concerto for 23 Winds Hartley, Walter KCD-11064/MCD-877 *
Ronald Searle Suite Murray, Lyn KCD-11064/MCD-877 *
Winds of Nagual Colgrass, Michael KCD-11064/MCD-877 *
Aspen Jubilee Nelson, Ron KCD-11064/MCD-877 *

Masquerade Persichetti, Vincent KCD-11066
Envelopes Zappa, Frank KCD-11066
The Dog Breath Variations Zappa, Frank KCD-11066
Serenade "Songs of the Night" Gillingham, KCD-11066
Five Folksongs for Soprano Gilmore, KCD-11066
Theme and Variations Schoenberg, Arnold KCD-11066

Aubrey Fanfare Stamp, KCD-11070
Sketches on a Tudor Psalm Tull, Fisher KCD-11070
Bum's Rush Grantham, KCD-11070
Ballad Gould, Morton KCD-11070
Divertimento Cichy KCD-11070
Hammersmith Holst, Gustav KCD-11070
California Counterpoint "The Twittering McTee, KCD-11070
Zion Welcher, KCD-11070

Serenade Bird, KCD-11071
Concertino for Oboe Tull, Fisher KCD-11071
Suite in D Bird, KCD-11071
Marche Miniature Bird, KCD-11071
Pacific Fanfare Ticheli, KCD-11071

Circus Ring Hart, Paul KCD-11084 *
Soundings McTee, Cindy KCD-11084 *
Olympic Dances Harbison, John KCD-11084 *
In Evening's Stillness Schwantner, Joseph KCD-11084 *
Dance Movements Sparke, Philip KCD-11084 *

Danza de los Duendes Galbraith, Nancy KCD-11089 *
Dreamcatcher Mays, Walter KCD-11089 *
Lullaby for Kirsten Bassett, Leslie KCD-11089 *
From a Dark Millennium Schwantner, Joseph KCD-11089 *
Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is Calling Thompson, Will L. KCD-11089 *
Waking Angels Gillingham, David KCD-11089 *
The Dream of Genghus, op. 37 Rudin, Rolf KCD-11089 *

Ceremonial Fanfare Diamond, David CTD-88108 *
Tantivy Diamond, David CTD-88108 *
Sketches on a Tudor Psalm Tull, Fisher CTD-88108 *
Divertimento in F Tull, Fisher CTD-88108 *
Symphony for Band Washburn, Robert CTD-88108 *
Celebration Fanfare from Stepping StonesTower, John CTD-88108 *

March Carillon Hanson, Howard CTD-88111 *
Chorale and Alleluia Hanson, Howard CTD-88111 *
A Movement for Rosa Camphouse, Mark CTD-88111 *
Chorale Prelude: Be Thou My Vision Stamp, Jack CTD-88111 *
Celebrations - For Chorus & Wind Ens. Persichetti, Vincent CTD-88111 *
Variants on An Advent Hymn Tull, Fisher CTD-88111 *
Themes from "Greenbushes" Grainger, Percy CTD-88111 *
Escape from Plato's Cave Melillo, Stephen CTD-88111 *
Pageant Persichetti, Vincent CTD-88132 *
Scenes from "The Louvre" Dello Joio, Vincent CTD-88132 *
Symphonic Songs Bennett, Robert Russell CTD-88132 *
Commando March Barber, Samuel CTD-88132 *
Incantation and Dance Chance, John Barnes CTD-88132 *
Newsreel in Five Shots Schuman, William CTD-88132 *
American Overture Jenkins, Joseph Willcox CTD-88132 *
Concertino for Three Brass and Band Werle, Floyd CTD-88132 *
Cheers! Stamp, Jack CTD-88132 *

Sixth Suite Reed, Alfred K-11118 *
Three Revelations from the Lotus Sutra Reed, Alfred K-11118 *
Giligia (A Song of Rememberance) Reed, Alfred K-11118 *
Fifth Symphony Reed, Alfred K-11118 *

Ride Hazo, Samuel R. K-11141 *
Vox Populi Danielpour, Richard K-11141 *
Secular Litanies Mailman, Martin K-11141 *
Liturgical Symphony Tull, Fisher K-11141 *
Canzona Mennin, Peter K-11141 *
Grand Central Station Torke, Michael K-11141 *
Intrada Yurko, Bruce K-11141 *
Symphony No. 6 Persichetti, Vincent K-11141 *

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